Best Digital Voice Recorder Reviews

Olympus LS-7

Olympus LS-7 Review

The Olympus LS-7 Linear PCM voice recorder provides superior voice recording for almost any use. Whether you want to record a meeting, a lecture, or you want to record some audio for your website, this device can handle the job. It comes equipped with 3 microphones, 2 AAA batteries, and 4GB of internal memory. Let's have a look at some of the great features it has to offer in order for you to make a better purchase decision.  Olympus LS-7 Voice Recorder Main … [Read More...]

Sony ICD-SX712

Sony ICD-SX712 Digital Voice Recorder Review

The Sony ICD-SX712 Digital Voice Recorder is ideal for almost every situation. Whether you are a student, business person, musician or just someone who needs to do a great deal of recording, this is the product for you. Small enough to fit in your pocket, or the palm of your hand, you can just as easily set this digital voice recorder on your desk or take it with you when you travel. Though there are many types of digital voice recorders available to choose from, it is important to take your … [Read More...]


TASCAM DP-008 Digital Recorder Review

The Tascam DP-008 8-Track digital Portastudio has 2-track simultaneous recording capabilities with each track having its own row of knobs. It comes with 2 GB SD card and records to SD/SDHC memory cards up to 32 GB in size. The DP-008 is great for anyone desiring to make or record music. The included mics make it possible to record music without using a mixer. It has a very compact size and surprisingly amount of features for music buffs. It is convenient and easy to use as well. This Portastudio … [Read More...]

olympus digital voice recorders

Olympus DS-40 Digital Recorder Review

Olympus DS-40 Digital Voice Recorder provides impressive levels of sound, ample recording time and a WMA file management system that is easy to use. This particular model makes it possible to effortlessly move audio files to the computer through various types of removable media. This convenient device enables people to capture quality sound during various events such as meetings and lectures. It also facilitates the download of podcasts along with recording time that lasts for an impressive … [Read More...]

Tascam Digital Recorder

Tascam DR-07 Digital Recorder Review

For a small and affordable alternative to portable recording devices, look no further than the Tascam DR-07 digital voice recorder. The built in microphones offer quality sound through both WAV and MP3 format recordings which require the power of AA batteries. The recorder moves files to computers through USB cables. It comes with a tripod for mounting and this serves as one of its versatile features. This model is particularly ideal for aspiring musicians who can benefit form … [Read More...]

Zoom H4n

Zoom H4n Review

Designed by the ground breaking Zoom corporation, the Zoom h4n is one of the latest stereo recorder models. Made to withstand heavy field use on less power, this model is perfect for anyone who needs to record high quality on a regular basis. Even though the digital stereo recorder has received a great deal of praise from users and professional reviewers, it is important to learn more about the product before investing in it.Zoom H4N Key FeaturesLike previous Zoom digital and stereo … [Read More...]

Zoom H2

Zoom H2 Recorder Review

Zoom h2 is a simple to use portable audio recorder. Manufactured by Zoom, a division of the internationally recognized Samson corporation, the handy recorder captures stereo quality sound. The unique handheld recorder is an industry pioneer, the first to record such clear, audio you capture using this recorder can be used to create 5.1 surround sound audio. Now, let's have a look at some of the important features that the Zoom h2 handy recorder has to offer before you make any purchase … [Read More...]

Zoom H1

Zoom H1 Review

Looking for a portable digital voice recorder that is value for money? Look no further. This is the gadget you are looking for. The sound quality of Zoom H1 is superb for a recorder this size. Handling is easy and it is extremely light and portable. To start recording, simply depress the red button located in the middle of the console. Depress it again to stop recording. Playback is initiated by pushing the play button located on the side of the unit. Nothing complicated at all!We found … [Read More...]